Just Married - Oregon Elopement Weddings in the Columbia Gorge

About Us

Your Wedding Day, LLC, is the wedding officiant business restarted in 2023 by me, Lisa Wolcott. My goal is to provide a simple vow ceremony to celebrate the love and commitments of two people and create an elopement that is memorable.

I was ordained as a reverend by the Universal Life Church in 2023. Your Wedding Day was originally created when I was living on Kauai back in 2000 but never fully evolved. Hood River and the Gorge are full of beautiful places and things to do, so why knot, tie the knot while surrounded by all the natural beauty.

If you want to do something of the “Beaten Path” and unique we want to help make that happen. Why break the bank for one day, when you can have a beautiful ceremony in nature and use the money saved to have an epic Honeymoon adventure.  

It feels so lovely

Oh it feels so lovely to see lovely people fall in love
It feels so magical and surreal
As two hearts are being one this day
I wish that both stay happy all the way
All the elements of happy marriage life
Will be there if both of you strive
Make it work by your charm and grace
And set an example of love over time
As I wish you much happiness and good luck
For starting another chapter of your life
Many congrats to both of you
Have a blissful life and through!