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Multhnoma Falls - Oregon Elopement Weddings in the Columbia Gorge

Are you a wedding planner or coordinator?

Both. DIY packages are Officiant services only, so no. For the others, Yes for the items in package descriptions. I take care of coordinating with vendors for venue locations and all items listed in the packages. Currently, we are in the process of getting a Photographer set-up that will do hikes and river paddling.

How do we get a marriage license?

Please visit our Licensing Info Page!

Are you LGBTQA+ friendly?

Yes, I am friendly to all people.

What is your contingency plan?

In the case of unforeseen circumstances, I have a list of legally ordained and experienced officiants to call on as a backup. If I am unable to be present, I will make every effort to ensure you have an officiant.

How do we get optional items we need for the ceremony?

All optional elements in your ceremony (sand, vases, candles, hand tying cord, wine boxes, etc) must be supplied by you and brought to the ceremony. Craft stores, dollar stores, online stores like Amazon or specialty wedding suppliers should be able to provide any items you’ll need. Just ask me if you need some direction.

How will I dress?

Depends on the location and type of the wedding. If we are outdoors and the weather is hot and sunny, attire may be a lighter shirt and pants/skirt appropriate for the situation.

Can I bring my dog?

I have tried to find venue locations that are dog friendly. Most places do allow for your dog that is on a leash and behaved. Some hikes do not allow dogs, as I found out on an unplanned adventure. This is something we can talk about in the planning process for hikes or winery venues.

More Questions?

Feel free to ask!

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