In the Columbia Gorge

Why Eloping Is a great alternative to a traditional wedding:

Eloping opens the door to more venue options that otherwise may not be available or not even need a venue.

Some places are still limiting large groups at their place of business. You can save money on decoration and let mother nature provide all the foliage for free, the birds and crickets can be your symphony.

What a way to create beautiful wedding memories, with pictures by a waterfall or in a field of flowers. Eloping is a great way to be environmentally friendly and sustainable way to unify your love.

What Is Elopement Wedding and Why You Should Consider It (marriage.com)

Your Wedding

Your Way

Your Wedding Day, LLC, is the wedding officiant business restarted in 2023 by me, Lisa Wolcott. My goal is to provide a simple vow ceremony to celebrate the love and commitments of two people and create an elopement that is memorable...